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 Click Here for Franklin, NC & Hiawassee Budget Inn - Free Van & Bus Shuttles from Mar 1st to Apr 30th

   Hiawassee Budget Inn :Low Hiker Rates :$39.99 w/$5 ea for additional guest per room  
  193 South Main Street :On Site Laundry: Internet: Pet Friendly: Slack Packing Shuttles
  Hiawassee, Ga 30546  :
Free Guest Shuttle: Unicoi & Dicks Gap Mar - Apr :Mail Drops
        1-706-896-4121      : On Site Outfitter : Tenting w/Shower : Assist with Shuttles  

       Hiawassee has many Restaurants within walking distance   : Hiawassee  "also" sells alcoholic beverages but not on Sunday


 Franklin, Budget Inn :Low Hiker Rates :$39.99 with $5ea for additional guest per room
    433 E. Main Street    :On Site Laundry : Internet : Pet Friendly :Micro's, Refriges-ATM
    Franklin, NC 28734   :Free Shuttles Winding Stair, Rock & Wallace Gaps :Mar & Apr
       1-828-524-4403        :We Assist w/Shuttles from Atlanta to Damascus & Trail Heads

Our reputation says it all : This is our 16th year at Budget Inn serving Hikers in Lodging & Shuttles, Thanks to "YOU"
In Franklin we offer the $20 per night bunk rate per hiker at "The Jack Tarlin
Hiker Hostel"  This will help if you are on a budget. ..You would easy pay $25 per
night at other places..... It is clean, close to many restaurants, clubs, bars, we have
laundry, small outfitter, computers with printer for the Required Smokies Permit.
You can also take advantage of
"Free" Scheduled Guest, Trail to Franklin Shuttles
7 East Palmer Street - Across the Street from Budget Inn - Phone 828-524-4403
  We do accept mail drops free for guest at all places , but we will not mail them or other things back to you. They must be picked up!

          Damascus Trail Days Parade

   Haven's Hiker Shuttle Bus  

Appalachian Trail - Hiker Fool Bash  This is Our Free Shuttles
 All of my  Hiker Establishments   Has  "Laundry  and  Internet" !!!!!!!!!!
ATM at Budget Inn - Franklin, NC Wi-Fi - Computers -Printers On Site Laundry Adult Size Hostel Bunks
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In Franklin
March 1st to April 30th we are extremely busy with our guest at Budget Inn, or The Hikers Den, running our FREE Guest only shuttles.
 We can not run shuttles to or from other motels or other trailheads.   Non Guest: We will be happy to assist you with a  (Paid)  Shuttlers.
Our FREE Guest Shuttle is at 9am & 11am to Winding Stair, Rock, and Wallace Gaps - The FREE Town Shopping Shuttles start at 4pm
We will pick up our guest anytime from trailheads who are renting our rooms only. But,
If you're an add on to a rooms presently rented by others, We do charge a shuttle fee

 Trusted Top Quality Services to the Appalachian Trail Hiker Community Since 1986
I'm a hard working One Man service who tries hard but I have a few simple rules that every year a few try to break.
1. I will not tolerate unpaid guest hanging out at my establishments,  bumming, visiting, partying, or free loading....
2. I do not shuttle hikers to other motels or hostels, even if you offer to pay, My services are free to my guest only..
3. My rules are simple but I don't bend them for no one. I am a hiker & help all I can but when I say no, I mean it.
4. Franklin has many local desparados hanging out at the trail wanting your money - Don't believe their big stories!
5. Their Sales Pitch, I am here to help you !! "Go Home with ME", They take you to places where shuttles cost a lot
6. This is not my problem. If you get caught with this
you can expect to pay $50 or more in shuttle fees, be careful !!
7. If your a victim for the other motel or hostel trick in Franklin & Hiawassee, please don't call us to bail you out !!!
9. Some Hostel Owners are pick pockets for your money with poor service. Your experience will be different with us.
10. I work hard everyday to assure all of my guest at a very fine stay while in Franklin, NC and Hiawassee, Georgia...
 My Hiker Connections "Budget Inn of  Hiawassee, Ga    Franklin, NC
and the  Jack Tarlin Hostel Franklin, NC"